Age Is Just a Number

1? 3? 7? 15? How much of an age gap are you comfortable with having between you and your significant other? This question always arises when I talk with friends about the opposite sex and dating. After an afternoon of people-watching and seeing various couples at the mall, thoughts lingered in my head.  Sometimes, you find out the age of your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend, and are shocked.  In past society, it seemed that an older man-younger woman was the normal pairing, which is what my ideal was as well. So I would always think, wait, he’s younger than you? You’re dating a kid, really? But when I compare that person to myself when I was his/her age, I remember that I wasn’t immature. Why should I assume this person is less compatible just because he’s younger? So, I’m slowly coming to terms that age might just be a number.


In Korea, I’ve heard of guys liking noonas. 누나 is a term used by men to address a women that is a few years older. It literally means older sister. This was different from the normal pairing mentioned earlier, in which case the male is older than the female. I couldn’t really comprehend those kinds of interest back then.  But now, I am meeting more people that are younger than me, and I’m always surprised to find out how old they are.  Because of this, I’ve come to realize that I’m getting to that age where the people I meet have fully grown into adults, and have that like-mind thinking.  Although, I still don’t think I’d date someone younger than me, but who knows, that might change later if I meet the right person ;).


What are your thoughts? What’s your reaction when you find out a couple has a 10+ age gap? What if the woman is older? What if the man is older? Younger, same-age, or older?