7 Tips for Planning a Trip to Korea!

Hello hello!

This is Andi and welcome to HKC! As I will be graduating this fall, I would like to share some tips on saving up for a trip while being a working student! During my college career, I was able to take a couple of trips during the summer and winter breaks.  For any trip, saving and planning are key. Here are a few tips to help you plan your next trip with some examples from my trip to Korea last summer.


1. Get a Job

How else are you going to finance your trip? If you have a job already, great! Just know that you need to make more money than what you spend. Meaning, if you’re blowing your paycheck every month, it’s time to change your habits!

2. Book the Flight

Nothing will motivate you more than already spending money on the plane ticket. It’s official! So you have to save up money now! You don’t want to waste the ticket or waste your time there by not doing anything, right?

3. Tell a Friend (or invite one!)

Accountability helps us stick to our goals. If you invite a friend, you’ll have company on your trip and can plan more fun activities to do!

4. Plan Ahead

I usually plan my trips more than six months in advance so that I have six months to save up money to spend on the trip. For my trip to Korea, I actually planned it about a year in advance because this is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

5. Save Save Save!

Divide the amount you’ll need for your trip by how many months you have left. Let’s say you’ll need to save about $2000 for the trip. With 12 months to save, you’ll need to save about $170 a month to reach your goal. It might look like it’s a lot but it’s really not. Think about it. Do you really need that daily coffee or energy drink? That’s $5 you could be saving every day! That’s already $150 a month! Now add that with a little penny-pinching and you’re at your $170 monthly goal!

6. Do Your Research

I stayed with relatives, but be sure to look up accommodations and book in advance. Look up places you might want to visit while in Korea. This means all the touristy areas too! Because let’s face it, you ARE a tourist there and there are tourist spots for a reason. Great attractions, history, and culture! While you’re looking up places, it helps to look up culture tips and manners too. You don’t want to get scolded in another country, do you?

7. Don't Overspend

You don’t want to be broke while on vacation! Since I set my daily spending limit beforehand, I usually don’t bring more than that with me when I go out. (Plus a little extra, just incase!)

Well those are my tips! Hope they’re helpful.

In future, I’ll try to make longer posts with fun content! And expect a video from me soon! ;D

Till next time!~