K-pop at Kawaii Kon

Image by Dallas Nagata White

Hey guys,

What’s the first thing you learned about Korea? Or rather, what got you interested in Korea? K-dramas? K-pop? Kimchi? Haha I think most people our age would say…. K-pop? Am I right? Well, even if it wasn’t the first thing you learned about Korea, I bet you still heard about it pretty quickly. Especially in the last 5 years.

If you don’t know what K-pop is it stands for Korean Pop music and there’s no doubt there has been a boom in the K-pop industry recently.  Probably the most famous groups would be Big Bang, 2NE1, Girls Generation, Shinee, EXO, 2PM, Infinite, etc.  Even with just these few names, there are plenty more out there as each entertainment company is pushing out their own groups for popularity and recognition. I could list several k-pop groups off the top of my head for at least 2 minutes. There are THAT many and more competing in the industry.

For those that don’t live in Hawaii, there is an anime convention here called Kawaii Kon and I happen to work for them as well.  Now, what does this Japanese culture and anime convention have to do with K-pop? The attendees! Since I started working for Kawaii Kon, I’ve seen the growth of K-pop and recognition from attendees every year.  How? There is a tv that plays a mix of not only announcements but anime videos, J-pop, aaaaaand K-pop! Not only do I see attendees recognize the singers but they also know the song and dance steps! How interesting to see!

There is also a couple of vendors that come to Kawaii Kon that sell K-pop merchandise such as CDs, posters, key-chains, cards, even jackets! I admit, every year, I try to stop by to get my own hands on some K-pop merch! And it seemed I wasn’t the only one as there were always several other attendees shopping at the booths.

With this proof that K-pop is becoming large and popular among our attendees, I’m working towards persuading our CEO to get some groups to come in as guests! Maybe some time soon, you might spot a K-pop artist at Kawaii Kon! Wish me luck!~