An Exciting New Journey

Dear Reader,

What do you do when you’ve lost your way? Return to where you started.

In 2017, HKC will be turning two, and as I reflect on the years that have flown by, the question I find myself meditating on is, “Where are we going with this?”

Well, we don’t really know. We’ve trailblazed far from our set theme in recent months with posts ranging from Pokemon Go to sleeping schedules. If you weren’t able to see how these topics connected to Hawaii-Korea, don’t worry—neither did we.

However, there is one thing straying off path has taught us: We’re not experts in everything. Writing on such a broad range of topics has lost us what made HKC unique. Rather than spreading ourselves thin, we need to specialize and go deep.

It was quickly apparent to all of us that we should recommit to the theme that defined us from the beginning: the Hawaii-Korea Collaborative.

HKC was founded upon the belief that people relate to people.

HKC was founded upon the belief that people relate to people. When we capture the spirit of people and convey it, we harness the power of life stories. We want to use that power to inspire and enable our audience. Because our own life stories are inextricably tied to Hawaii, Korea and our exchanges between the two, it is natural that the stories we tell are rooted in that narrative.

The future of HKC is still opaque, but it is with ambitious anticipation that our team links arms and takes a fresh step towards this new journey. Rooted in reality and truth, we look forward to amplifying the best of what Hawaii-Korea has to offer.

Until next week, stay hungry and stay foolish.

Yours truly,