HKC Kitchen: Hawaiian Poke


It was the end of April. Four months had passed since I had first arrived in Korea, which meant I had gone four months since eating any food from home. I won’t lie, Korean food is amazing, but after some time you just can’t help but miss what you were raised on. And for me, that was poke. Ahi poke to be exact, which is basically tuna sashimi cut into cubes over rice topped with yummy sauces.




During my stay in Korea, I was lucky enough to meet another student from my home university, and together we kept each other from getting homesick. One day, this friend and I decided that we would meet up and not only make the dish, but  teach it to a few of our Korean friends too.

In Hawaii, when something is delicious, we say “broke da mout”

In Hawaii, when something is delicious, we say “broke da mout”, which can be translated to, “Damn that was so delicious my mouth is now broken”. And let me tell you, this dish has broken my mouth many times.

Food is a wonderful thing. We eat to live and live to eat. Food is also culture, and when we eat new foods, we open ourselves up to new cultures. I think the easiest way to eat new foods is to meet new people and have them teach it to you. What better way to eat the exquisite foods of the world than by making friends along the way?

Now without further ado, I’ll get this poke party poppin.


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Kai Kojimoto holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and was previously the president of Hanwoori Hawaiʻi.