Looking at Your Genes

“Are you Chinese?”

“Nope, I’m Korean”

“Oh, I see. Sorry, sometimes can’t tell the difference.”

“Oh yeah, I get that a lot. But Chinese and Korean are pretty close together so it’s not surprising I guess.”

I’m sure everyone has been mistaken for a different ethnicity at least once in their life. This shouldn’t be surprising with the history of human migration and interracial interactions and relationships. I’ve also learned that some ethnic backgrounds present a physical feature stronger than others, and if two strong genes are mixed, they fight for dominance.

That being said, not only can the physical features from different ethnicities surface, but depending on their geographic location, can also contribute to a person's physical appearance. This can be seen in some people in certain areas (even if it has a mixed ethnic population) who have certain similar features because of their environment and/or what they consume. For example, a lot of Asian-Americans are getting taller, and it is said that it’s from eating a lot of Western/American foods with GMO and growth hormones. This is news to me (though I’m pretty out of the loop with all kinds of stuff). 

Mixed people usually get the best features from each ethnicity from what I’ve seen. There have been articles that show what people could look like in the future if ethnicities continued to mix, and they were beautiful! Even now, you can witness this with famous celebrities, not to say non-mixed people are not beautiful, of course. Some celebrity examples are Daniel Henney, Dennis Oh, Julian Kang, Ne-Yo, Kimora Lee Simmons, David Lee McInnis, and Mizuhara Kiko. Wouldn’t you agree that they are physically attractive?

So, if people can’t pinpoint what your ethnicity is, don’t get offended :). Maybe there is more in your blood than you know! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some Chinese blood in my family generations earlier.  Now I kind of want to have a genealogy test taken...hmmm…