Korean Music Video Critics: PSY and Twice

Welcome to the second installment of KMV Critics! Curious as to what KMV Critics is? Check out our first KMV Critics video and read the description for more info!

PSY - I Luv It

Click on the image to view the music video.

Click on the image to view the music video.


First of all, we love it.

Jokes aside, it was a very Psy-esque music video. Color, flash, special guests and crazy dance moves - it has it all. The chorus is catchy and super easy to learn, so it will keep you singing throughout the day.

Make sure to check out his other new music video, “New Face.” If you want to listen to more of Psy, his new album covers a range of music genres and features a lot of other artists.


TWICE - Signal


The music video’s plot is something we’ve never seen in KPOP. Falling in love with a ridiculous-looking alien? Definitely not your normal KPOP plot; however, the rest of the music video is pure KPOP. Like Psy’s “I Luv It,” the chorus will be stuck in your head for days.


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