6 HKC Posts You Need to Read before Studying Abroad

As we are familiar with here at HKC, the beginning of summer is prime time for preparing to study abroad. Below, I’ve collected some of our best study abroad post to advise you on your trip!

Tips for During Your Trip:

Three Keys to Being a Resilient Exchange Student


To be honest, it’s not always peaches and cream studying abroad. But don’t worry! Kai has already given you the tools to make your study abroad trip as magical as the postcards you’ll be sending back to your family.


5 Ways to Prevent Loneliness While Abroad


Let’s be real, culture shock is most likely going to set in and you may feel like you’re the only one in a crowd of others. Our third post on HKC was a post I wrote giving five tips on how to stop the cycle of loneliness and get back to having fun while studying abroad!


5 Reasons You Should Stay at a Hostel


Have you already planned where you’re going to stay while abroad? If not, a hostel may be a great choice, be it for a few days or your whole experience! Read this article to learn more about why Keoni recommends staying at a hostel.


Sick While Abroad


What happens when you’re stranded in a foreign country, feel an oncoming sickness and are only equipped with ibuprofen? Turns out a lot of feverish waiting while you decide if going to the doctor is really worth it. Read Keoni’s story to see how he recovered!


Reflections After Your Trip:

10 Signs Your Study Abroad is Ending


From saying goodbye to friends to trying to get rid of all the things you accumulated, there’s a lot of feelings that come along with the end of a study abroad stint. Read this post to be prepared for the end before you begin!


3 of My Most Impactful Experiences in Korea


Although this post pertains to Keoni’s own experience while studying abroad in Korea, it’s applicable to anyone studying anywhere in the world. Keoni’s three simple experiences created memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to read it so you can make great memories during your trip!

TL;DR Check out Kai's post 12 Secrets to Studying Abroad in Seoul . The title says it's about Seoul, but really the advice in that post are great for any study abroad trip.

Regardless of where you’re going for your study abroad, we at HKC hope that our posts will help you prepare for your trip! Make sure to have fun, make unforgettable memories and keep an open mind! If you have any other tips for studying abroad, or learn some along the way, make sure to tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or right below!



Raquel “Rocky” Reinagel is a MA candidate and graduate assistant in the Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; former president of Hanwoori Hawaiʻi; and Co-President of the Second Language Studies Student Association (SLSSA) at UHM.