Korean Music Video Critics: Monsta X and Glabingo

We're back with another set of Korean Music Video Critics! This time around we'll be reviewing Monsta X's new song, Shine Forever, and Glabingo's song, Bonny.


Monsta X- Shine Forever

Monsta X is back with a dramatic and somewhat confusing music video. The song varies in rhythm and pace, which makes for a dynamic song to match the artistry of the music video. Watch our full review below. 


Glabingo- Bonny

We had never heard of Glabingo before this music video came out, but we like his music style. The music video plays on classic Korean R&B/Hip hop aesthetics and the plot adds another layer to the video as well. The full review below will give you a better introduction to Glabingo's song style and it's 

As usual, please leave your opinions of the music videos below!